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Though the advent of the internet has helped businesses expand globally and cater to clients worldwide, it has also exposed them to cybercrime and serious IT related threats. A company’s inability to protect its IT infrastructure and sensitive data from such threats can result into big financial losses and even business shut down. Did you know 86 percent of companies that suffer from data breaches end up closing down their operations in less than 6 months?

Don’t let your business become a number! Contact My IT Company to benefit from our wide range of network optimization and security services today. Our experienced and adroit IT specialists can help you identify security loopholes and vulnerabilities and accordingly provide you with the best security solutions to protect your IT network and equipment from potential threats.

From vulnerability analysis to network security solutions to business continuity/disaster recovery plans, we can offer all services. We strive to protect your business from potential risks and ensure it keeps running seamlessly without any productivity halt or downtime.

Contact us at or reach out by phone at 1-(646) 686-4848 to learn more about our NYC Network Security Services.

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