A New York City IT support company you can trust?

Managing your computer Network is a full time job: You should not have to that!

We provide computer and tech support across New York City and the Tri-State area. OmniPush IT Solutions was started by seasoned engineers who noticed NYC small businesses were constantly looking for reliable IT consultants to help resolve their computer problems.

OmniPush's NYC IT support services provide 24x7x365 management and troubleshooting of your computer system. As a result to our pro-active approach, you'll sleep better at night knowing your computers are being monitored, your data is safe and your network is secure.

Some of the many services which are provided as network support include

  • Connecting all the computers together within what could be an office LAN (Local Area Network) so that they can all communicate among themselves seamlessly.

  • Ensuring that the email system within the organization functions without a glitch.

  • Setting up or installing the physical infrastructure of the network (the cables and other pieces of hardware) as well as the software required for it to function.

  • In case of any glitch, ensuring that the network comes back on track to function effortlessly.

  • Recommending hardware and software upgrades to the network as required.

Who stands to gain from our Network Support Services?

Every small business across NYC that takes on our network support services stands to gain. After all, a smooth IT network is crucial in today’s connected business environment. A snag somewhere and the entire business could very well be in jeopardy.

From our perspective it is the expertise that we have combined with the cost effective manner in which we offer our network support services that make us a truly excellent proposition to ensure that your business network continues to function seamlessly.

Reach of our Network Support Services – Where all do we offer them?

We offer our network support services across New York City, be it Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island or Long Island.

How prompt are we on delivering Network Support Services – the When question?

We are fully geared up to provide the network support services which are sought from us within the shortest possible time frame which is typically as little as 60 minutes or less from the time we first hear from you about your requirement.

Why Network Support Management Services from OmniPush?

As we mentioned right at the outset, a smoothly functioning IT network is imperative for all businesses. When it comes to small and medium sized enterprises in particular, this aspect takes on that much more importance since they typically have a smaller network and yet a greater reliance on that small network for everything to function smoothly.

Even a seemingly small glitch can affect the operations of a small or medium sized enterprise in a big way since the whole business may well be affected by it; larger companies with multiple locations can get away unscathed with reasonable ease in such situations, whereas many small and medium sized businesses simply can’t.

Our tailored approach to Network Support Services – How we provide them

We provide our network support services by first studying businesses that retain us and assessing their network needs. Then we go about putting in place a unique system that supports the network at every step and in every way possible so that there is no glitch in the first place and if at all there is one in the network at any point in time in the future, it is addressed promptly.

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