Our Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) Service can ensure that your business is up to date with all the latest technology trends and techniques, without having to spend a fortune on acquiring this expertise.
What exactly is a Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) Service? 

CIO in today’s corporate parlance refers to Chief Information Officer. So a “Virtual” Chief Information Officer would be one who remotely oversees all the technology related needs or requirements of an organization.

Typically, when it comes to big businesses, there are high profile positions filled in by executives referred to as CIOs / CTOs, the latter acronym being Chief Technology Officer. And these would usually be individuals with topnotch qualifications and very robust experience in this realm – who would obviously cost a fortune to hire and retain.

Now when it comes to small businesses, they may not have such a need on an ongoing basis. Instead, they would typically need an individual who can from time to time oversee the overall technological knowhow of the business and ensure that everything is working smoothly.

That is where our Virtual CIO service comes into the fore since at a very affordable cost we are able to offer businesses the leeway to obtain the services of a CIO on a need-based basis. Also remember that cost considerations aside, many businesses simply do not need such personnel on a fulltime basis anyway; they are more than happy to fill in such positions virtually with firms like ours, and we are of course glad to help!  

Who benefits from our Virtual CIO Service?

Every small business in and around NYC which would like to keep itself up to date with the latest technology trends without spending a fortune would benefit immensely from our Virtual CIO Service. By having a virtual CIO on board who can identify the technology related needs of a firm (which no doubt vary dramatically from business to business), the enterprise in question can ensure that there is no technology related requirement which is left unfulfilled.

Take the example of a collectibles store whose technological requirement is vastly limited with regard to updates on social network sites such as Facebook or Twitter; clearly there is absolutely no need for a full time CIO!! Herein, we could advise on the kind of basic setup required for making such updates, for which our virtual CIO would guide accordingly.

Role of the CIO:

    • Assessments – Thoroughly assess your overall IT process and configuration policies and suggest the most effective changes that will promote secure and cost effective network.
  • Planning – IT planning is at the core of your infrastructure, you need to be able to determine the followings Budgets, Staffing, Business Continuity Planning, Disaster recovery processes.
    • Designing – Cost effective and secure network design planning

Reiterating the need for a Virtual CIO – the WHY component
A virtual CIO is important for all businesses that might have anything to do with technology on an ongoing basis, but either cannot afford hiring fulltime personnel for the same or somehow do not have such a burning need. As an instance, a grocery store surely needs technology on an ongoing basis to keep track of sales and inventory but at the same time does not need a fulltime CIO for that; a virtual CIO from Omnipush could very well fill that requirement.

Our Tailored Approach to Virtual CIO Service – the How aspect
Our approach to providing virtual CIO service is completely tailored, once we understand your requirement, we fill in with suitable personnel who would be able to provide you the necessary technical knowhow, information and service as and when required.

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