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Understanding Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Data backup refers to a process wherein your company’s data is saved elsewhere, in addition to its original location, in order to serve as a backup, should anything happen where the data is originally stored.

So for instance, if you have contact details of your customers stored in numerous spreadsheets, we will ensure that there are more than adequate backups of those spreadsheets in place, should anything happen to the original ones.

Likewise, data recovery, as the term suggests, refers to a process where if something disastrous would happen such as a fire, hard drive crash or a natural disaster i.e. Hurricane Sandy– especially say for instance in situations where you haven’t really kept a backup of that data, we will be able to retrieve the same through our intuitive means.

Who Benefits from our Data Backup and Recovery…the customer profile?

Any company can benefit from our Data backup and disaster recovery plan. Protecting your data is an essential part of your business. Losing data is stressful and can disturb productivity and which can result to a huge blow financially to the business. OmniPush can ensure that your system is prepared for any type of disruption, whether it comes in the form of a power outage, natural disaster, security breach, or software virus.

We can deploy reliable data protection, backup, storage and recovery systems to keep you worry free from losing data. In fact we already have a very large array of businesses big and small, all of which rely on the data backup and recovery services that we have to offer.

Our broad perspective would be that any individual or business that lays significant importance to the data which is held must compulsorily opt for data backup and recovery services.

Why Data Backup and Disaster Recovery?

For customers to really appreciate our data backup and recovery services it becomes imperative that they understand the critical nature of this service in terms of WHY it is so important.

Today we are all living in a highly competitive business environment. In most cases, the most important asset in your company is the data, the information that you have spent years building and collection.

Let’s take an instance of a large, global business like KFC; their biggest asset is definitely the secret recipe of herbs and spices with which their chicken is flavored; it is said that practically no one in the company barring really select few individuals really know about its overall composition. Now, any data misuse or compromise with regard to this secret recipe could very well mean disaster for KFC.

The same holds true for a lot of smaller businesses as well; say a local NYC based bakery, maybe it is the unique style of baking noted down somewhere which is their USP – they cannot afford to have this information compromised.

Imagine any of these factors applied to your own business and you will get a very good idea as to why data back and recovery holds so much importance.

Our Approach to Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Our approach to data backup and disaster recovery is straightforward; once mandated with this task, we do everything possible under the sun to ensure that your data is securely backed up whereby future occurrences of data loss might be virtually negated.

And in case you call us because your data has already been lost, we will work hard to ensure that you get it back. Our success rate in this regard has clearly been matchless and unblemished.

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