Technology Vendor Management

Vendor Management services for your office

Nearly 60-70% of an organization’s IT budget is spent on software, hardware, and external vendor services; hence the key to providing efficient IT services is by maximizing the value gained from IT vendors.

Furthermore, vendors are now playing a far more important role than ever before when it comes to iTs ability to deliver services to the end user. This became possible by an increased use of outsourcing, out-tasking and cloud computing.

An Essential Part for Every Organization

Effective vendor management is needed for IT departments in every organization, and has become an essential part; as important as any service management, internal technology, or program management capability.

The selection and management of each vendor directly affects your ability and how well you meet and exceed business objectives and customer expectations.

Omnipush IT Solutions is the answer to all your vendor management woes!

We will give you access to experienced professionals, specialized in vendor management services that help companies give a significant boost to their efficiency through visibly improved vendor performance.

Combining quantitative and qualitative measures, our solutions in vendor management help clients to increase the benefits exponentially when it comes to establishing individual deals and long-term relationships, which frees time for businesses to focus on satisfying their customers and growing the enterprise further.

Vendor Management Services: Maximizing Value and Output

Delivering a wide plethora of capabilities and services, we offer everything from planning and strategy, to evaluation and execution, so that you can get the required help to find new vendors that are right for you and keep the existing ones by maximizing their potential.

IT Project Management

Vendor Performance Management: Our specialized professionals work on cost/benefit analysis, market analysis, proper identification of vendor population, management, quality assurance and service delivery, setting of future parameter and goals etc.

Vendor Procurement: We provide assessment of ongoing value delivery channels, help in competitive bidding and program management, assist in contract negotiations etc.

Vendor Risk Management: The most important services in effective vendor management include; governance and regulatory compliance, incident and problem management, risk remediation and mitigation and quality and compliance management.

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