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is the core focus of our
Desktop Management Support

Desktop Support Management - A slow computer will slow up  your day, which can result in lost of business. That is not acceptable.

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Desktop management services include all the services related to ensuring that office systems continue to function smoothly. Naturally, in that regard, there are many sub-services which come within the broad purview of these desktop management services – all of which we at OmniPush are able to offer with complete deftness.

Understanding Desktop Management Services

Whether at Omnipush or anywhere else, there are essentially a certain set of services which largely come within the purview of desktop management services; let us look at them below.

  • Determining hardware and software needs of a business
  • Configure and setting up all desktop PCs
  • Protect your computers from Virus/Spyware and Malware.
  • Hardware or software issues can be resolved both in person or remotely
  • 24/7 monitoring solutions to prevent costly issues to your business

Who Benefits from Desktop Management Services?

Typically, a variety of small and medium-sized businesses as well as households, especially ones which have home based businesses running in them, opt for these desktop management services. After all they are very well aware that they may either not be competent / knowledgeable enough to handle all of the desktop management related needs, or somehow simply do not have the resources, say time or manpower to actually manage these services on their own, especially when they feel that a capable entity like OmniPush could clearly do a better job on that front.

Where these Desktop Management Services are provided

These desktop management services are provided by OmniPush to businesses and households across New York City, whether in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Long Island or Staten Island.

Timeliness of our response to Desktop Management Service requests – the “When” factor

When it comes to provisioning our desktop management services, we are really as quick as can be, ensuring that we are there to provide these services, whether in person or remotely, in 60 minutes or less. Remote delivery can in fact be in much lesser time frame.

Why Desktop Management Services?

As mentioned already, desktop management services are required for a variety of reasons; beyond those factors, it has to be said that technology today is advancing at a really rapid pace. Businesses which are not in the technology sphere and yet have to keep pace with technology cannot do so by themselves. Under such circumstances, it makes sense that they take on the services of a reliable third party entity which can ensure that all ancillary desktop management services are provided without a hitch.

Our approach to Desktop Management Services – the How aspect

We believe that no customer out there is alike, and every business, every enterprise has its own unique needs. Accordingly, we strive to ensure that when it comes to provision of all our desktop management services, we provide them in a manner which is entirely tailored to the business or the entity in question. For that, we in turn expend adequate time and effort in advance, simply gauging these entities, before laying out the entire approach that we will follow towards rendering our desktop management services.

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