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Why Businesses Outsource Their IT?

Businesses, more and more, are outsourcing part of their IT services to get better results in many different areas. Among the businesses that…
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Cyber Crime Prevention Tips

Don’t let the online bugs bite. While the Internet is used for socializing, shopping, seeking information, sales, and whatnot, the likelihood of users…
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6 Reasons to Finally Upgrade to Windows 10

Debuted in July 2015, Microsoft users have kept their fingers crossed for some beneficial surprises and changes in the new Operating System since…
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What Should You Expect from IT Consultants?

Small businesses, even if they have relatively simple IT infrastructures, need IT consultants to help them keep their infrastructure functional. Not all IT…
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backup, backup disaster support, business continuity

Business value of a backup disaster recovery plan

A backup and disaster recovery plan is something that every company should have. Whether you are in the Fortune 500 or just starting…
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The ‘Bring your Own Device’ Culture (BYOD) – What’s The Cost?

Companies worldwide have become a part of IT consumerization, increasingly so over the past few years. Allowing employees to bring their own technological…
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What will be the critical IT security issues in 2016?

Small businesses are more susceptible to cyber crimes due to their lax focus on IT security. Their focus on IT must expand to…
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OmniPush IT support Cloud

Cloud Solutions with IT Support

Your data is safe in your organization’s systems. However, they can’t help you when you are far away from the organization or office.…
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Printer Repair and Maintenance

Extend Your Printers’ Useful Life with Professional Repair and Maintenance

Though every business has some printing needs, printers don’t get as much attention as other equipment and devices around the office. Yet, at…
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ransomware, virus, spyware

3 things you can do today to avoid paying $17,000 to hackers

It was recently announced a hospital in Los Angeles paid ransom to a hacker in the sum of $17,000.00, so they can have…
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Three Reasons Your Business Needs Managed It Services

It doesn’t matter the size or type of your business. If your tasks depend on IT services, you undoubtedly need managed IT services. …
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How Safe Is Your Data?

As an entrepreneur, you have everything stored in your internal system as a means of security. Some of these data contain information valuable…
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omnipush hacker proof

How to Make Your Business Hacker-Proof

Here are some tips to make your business safe from the prying eyes of hackers: Secure Your Business with Passwords This is one…
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Transform your Business into a Brand, Use Cloud Services!

With technology advancing every day, every business owner should know how to utilize this advancement for the benefit of his/her business. Doing so…
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5 Reasons to Be Fully Compliant with HIPAA

Created in 1996, the main aim of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is to benefit the citizens of the country…
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Benefits of Being IT Compliant

Over the past few years, businesses of all sizes have been tasked with addressing numerous provisions related to security and privacy of company,…
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Antivirus security

5 Reasons You Need Anti-Virus and Malware Protection

Both malware and antivirus are extremely important for security purposes. Most of the time you may not even realize your device has been…
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Disaster Recovery Plan, DRP

What Will Your Business Do In Case of a Disaster?

In case a natural disaster strikes, you should have a plan beforehand on how to cope with the situation.  Have an emergency plan…
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5 benefits of using cloud services for your business

Cloud computing is a cost-effective tool for businesses. Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud are the top vendors but there are many…
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VoIP Phone Service, voip system, business voip, business voip phone

Features to Look for When Selecting VoIP Services

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol, simply put is an online phone service. Using VoIP can be beneficial for your business as it…
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Business Security Plan

Features of a Robust Business Security Plan

  What makes a robust security plan essential for your business? There are many security plans offered. But how do you know which…
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Network under Attack

Your Network Could Be Under Threat and You Might Not Even Know It

What could be worse for your business than your network being down? Most businesses depend on their networks for a productive and secure…
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