Our Computing Prowess Will Empower Any Business’s Infrastructure; That is a promise!
It’s very hard to keep up with new and advanced technology, especially if it takes a lot more time, space and management to handle. Well, there is a solution known as system virtualization and Omnipush IT Solutions offers it to you at the best rates.

Essentially a flexible tool, virtualization will give you the power to move and transfer server workloads which will allow optimum performance from each server.

Understanding How This Works

System virtualization is a very effective way to give support to your IT professionals when it comes to protecting important data and content, drastically reducing the cost and time of desktop management, giving support to all your clients, while simultaneously enhancing user mobility. As you can see, so much and more can be done through this system!

The advantages of cloud oriented and other types of virtualization systems are:

Ensure Data Security: By centralizing user data, resources and applications within our virtual based infrastructure, you can effectively decrease the risk of data loss. Our secure access applications and devices range from zero, thin and cloud based, that are very easy to manage and use. In addition, we also offer an exclusive malware and virus immune operating system that protects your infrastructure from viruses.

Helps Manage Your System Effectively: Service delivery and competitiveness increases sufficiently due to cloud computing. This is done by simplifying IT processes, providing greater flexibility and reducing complexity to infrastructure. Moreover, streamlined infrastructure management and a better ROI enable your IT professionals to focus their efforts on projects which promote even more competitiveness.

Gives Users Reliable and Unconditional Flexibility: Specifically designed to provide maximum flexibility for your customer environments, while still allowing room for an incredibly high BYOD and user mobility, our system virtualization based infrastructure will bring out the best of every technology.

Keep Up with The World; Choose To Go Virtual...

We offer:

Data Center Virtualization: Now you can visibly reduce capital expenses through server consolidation, improve expenses gained by operation through automaton, while reducing the chances of lost revenue by a reduction on both planned and unplanned downtime.

Desktop Virtualization: A managed service where you can deploy desktops and applications at a much faster and consistent rate to a wider number of clients; this helps lower costs, while significantly improving service levels for end users.

Application Virtualization: This allows you to allocate resources to applications, however they need. You can also set up a standard service catalog to produce applications in minutes for on-demand provisioning.

Businesses all over the world are becoming more efficient via cloud computing and systems virtualization, so why should yours be any different? Call us today to find out more!

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