Server Management and Support
Server support services refer to the services aimed at ensuring office servers continue to function seamlessly. Servers are typically responsible for ensuring that the entire office network functions whereby a glitch in the server would likely affect the entire network and prevent it from functioning smoothly, perhaps even prevent it from functioning at all. Therefore server support takes on critical hues, all the more.

Understanding Server Support Management Services

Server support services include:
  • Server installation and maintenance
  • Server room setup
  • Server connectivity with the network
  • Setup of adequate anti-virus and other network protection / security mechanisms
  • Setup of all associated server side software

At Omnipush, we are fully geared up to provide all of these server support services and more.

Customer Profile of Server Support Management Services – Who avails them?

There is a wide range of businesses which take on our server support services; yes, they do need to be large enough to the extent of actually requiring server deployment but given the wide scale IT requirements of even the seemingly smaller businesses, we find that in today’s business scenario, there are very many businesses which need server support services on an ongoing basis.

A noteworthy aspect would be that server support services are typically of an advanced nature. Any technical novice cannot provide such services or manage at one’s own end and that is the reason businesses approach us for these services in ever growing numbers.

Range of our Server Support Management Services – Where we provide them

We provide our server support services across New York City, be it Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Long Island or Staten Island. 

Our response to Server Support Service requests – When we provide them

We ensure that our server support services are provided as promptly as possible. Typically, we do not take more than 60 minutes to reach out to customers seeking server support services from the time, we first receive the request.

Why Server Support Management Services?

As already mentioned, servers are in essence the lifeline of businesses with regard to their overall IT systems and infrastructure. Now, being machines, they are always susceptible to problems, including complete failure. It is in such a scenario that we at Omnipush really come to the fore by offering our wide range of server support services which can together ensure that server functionality continues to be smooth and seamless.

Our approach to Server Support Management Services – the How aspect

Our approach to ALL our services, with server support services being no exception, has always been to first understand the needs of individual businesses and then tailor our offerings according to their individual needs. It is important to note that business needs are never consistent or uniform and therefore, we continue to evolve our range of server support services as per the situation at hand.

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