Real Estate IT support for Agents and Real Estate firms in NYC

Real estate agents often face unique challenges that aren’t present for business people in other industries. Real estate offices need to be able to keep in touch with agents on the road and, today that means a lot more than simply being able to put a call through. Being able to access MLS listings remotely, to contact clients via multiple technologies and being able to get support when they’re away from the office can help realtors to bring in the commissions and keep their offices going strong. OmniPush can help with all of this.


How Can OmniPush Help?

Some technologies lend themselves well to particular sectors. Cloud technology, because of the mobility involved in the job, can help realtors to maximize their intelligence about any given deal, no matter where they are. Cloud technology can:

Offer remote access to contract information
Allow software to be used remotely
Allows collaboration no matter where an agent may be at the time
Provides listing information access from any location

OmniPush can also help with some of the other issues that realtors commonly face.

Why New York Realtors trust our Real Estate IT support Service

  • Problems with email
  • Wireless connectivity issues
  • Mailing lists/Mail merge
  • Printer install/support
  • Syncing Smart Phone with laptop
  • MLS assistance (re-sizing photos, zipping photos, etc.)
  • Help managing, importing and manipulating pictures
  • Slow computer/virus
  • Adobe PDF problems

Real Estate IT Support And Service

As a Realtors, you often find yourself having to use new software when your local Board of Realtors puts a new system into effect. Getting to know new software can be difficult, but it’s even more challenging when Realtors are frequently outside of the office and away from staff who can lend support. OmniPush Real Estate IT support can help by leveraging our experience and expertise. We can help you understand the newest technologies and to make sure that the hardware you’re using is up to date.

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OmniPush can help you to grow and evolve your real estate office. From the staff behind the desks to the realtors in the field, we offer support, service, and insight. Get in touch to find out how we can help your business.

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