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Our NYC IT Services include:

NY Managed IT Service
Lower your IT cost
Predictable cost
24 x 7 monitoring
24x7 Tech Support
Consistent performance
Based on a managed services model, our services are proactive rather than reactive: the model works because we because we charge a regular monthly fee to maintain computer health, rather than an hourly fee to fix machines that are broken, our costs are reduced when your network is healthy and strong. We have helped our clients save thousands of dollars a year, while giving them a stable network that is easy to maintain.
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NY IT Consulting
Project management
IT planning & budgeting
Disaster planning & prevention
CIO placement
Looking for an NY IT support company, can be a very hard and challenging task. You need a computer that can work within your current business model. The NY IT support company should work with you more as a partner with a common goal, provide the necessary support and able to scale with you as you grow. 
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Server Maintenance
Patch Updates
Data Security
Testing Environment
Net User Setup
As a growing company with more than 5 users you will realize the need to be able to share data instantly, the need to store data securely and the need to print to one centralized printer. When choosing a server it is very important you think of future growth. You will also need to think of performance vs. cost or virtualization. But as a busy business owner do you really have the time to worry about all the components of manager server and networks? That's where we come in as an NY IT support company! We live for that kind of stuff; after all we do it every day.
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Desktop Maintenance 
Anti-Virus Protection
Windows installation & repair
Windows updates
How stressful is it when you are trying to accomplish an important task and your computer is not keeping up? It is extremely slow and sluggish. Without proper maintenance your computer's response time will decrease dramatically, small problems will take away valuable time from core task. Your employees should never have to ignore work in order to research computer problem in order to resolve the problem. As part of our IT support package we will continually monitor and maintain your desktop computers and resolve the issues without any interuptions.
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IT Network
Wireless—large scale
Network Security
Network Design
Network Redundancy

IT network is the ability to interconnect all the devices in the office such as routers, switches, printers, desktop PCs and mobile devices. It allows you to work more efficiently and with the right firewall configuration your network will stay clean of viruses and hacker attack. Your IT network should be secure and tested regularly for security holes. We are one of the best NY IT network company, staffed with network engineers of over 20 years combined. Security and scalability comes first when building a network.
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Disaster Recovery
Data Backup Solution
Immediate Data Restore
The worst thing that could happen to your business is the loss of data. In today digital world we use our computers for everything, most important storage. Hardware failures, viruses, unintentional or intentional deletion of data, theft, power disruption or natural disasters are ways that can severely disrupt a business unless you have a well-planned out disaster recovery plan in place. As part of our partnership we will create a disaster recovery plan tailored to your business. As a NY IT computer, your clients' data will be securely stored in two places for redundancy. In the case of emergency we will immediately recover your data and have you back working in minutes.
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