Improve System Security and
Operational Performance by
Deploying the Best Solution

Is your current IT infrastructure ready to support a new technology, solution or application? Can your IT infrastructure handle the growth you are experiencing? Are you well aware of your system’s security vulnerabilities? If no, then get in touch with My IT Company! We can help you meet current business demands and future opportunities before they become serious challenges.

Through our network assessment services we can help paint a comprehensive picture of your current IT system, answering all the questions in your mind. Our well-trained and technical staff carefully examines and documents key aspects and components of your business architectural structure. We collect data, review your practices and policies with staff members and compare them with the best industry accepted practices. We help you understand and determine your network infrastructure compliance with industry practices and its readiness to support new applications and technology solutions.

Based on the findings we provide you quality recommendations on how to:

  • reduce new technology deployment costs
  • avoid adoption delays
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Overcome security vulnerabilities
  • Effectively budget

We help you power up your business and optimize your IT infrastructure like never before.

Contact us at or reach out by phone at 1-(646) 681-4848 to learn more about Network Assessment and our other Security Services.

Remember, our NYC IT specialists are just a call away!

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