Quickly resolving IT issues with A Simple But Effective Remote Support System!
The easiest way to connect with your customers is perhaps through the help of our remote support system which guarantees efficiency as well customer satisfaction, while answering any of the customers’ queries about the services that you sell.

We know and understand that providing support and service to customers can prove to be a very frustrating process without access to the right tools. This is why Omnipush IT Solutions now offers a simple support system that helps you connect easily with your customers.

A Much More Flexible Solution

The support system lets your IT department take control and fix issues sent by the customers directly, effectively and efficiently without needing any outside or 3rd party help. This provides a great level of flexibility and convenience to your customers, who can forward their queries very easily by connecting via your website; it’s as simple as that.

Offering Much More Advanced Support Tools

We know the meaning of fast service when it comes to supporting your customers, which is why we offer a number of advanced support tools to you through the remote support system; such as file transfer, chat option and fully operational diagnostics. These can help you get the job done even more efficiently.

Need more control? You can install a connection that is consistent with your support session, which will help reboot and reconnect whenever needed to the target machine, remotely!

Control your Data and Uptime

Our remote support system is self hosted, which means that you can control data and dictate your own uptime however you wish.

A total control of the server also means that important and confidential customer data doesn’t have to pass through third party servers before reaching you, which significantly increases a sense of trust and peace of mind. Sessions are relatively faster and efficient, because of your server being much more near to the customer’s base.

Full Branding and Integration Omnipush IT Solutions lets you integrate this support system fully into your company’s website, so that you can continue to support customers who interact with your business and keep them in the loop regarding what’s new.

On the whole, we provide a remote support system that helps you makes sure that your customers are getting a simple, yet consistent and reassuring experience.
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