Providing IT Strategic Consultation Services and Solutions!

OmniPush IT Solutions – Providing IT Strategic Consultation Services and Solutions!

Compared to a few years ago, today’s workplace is becoming increasingly virtualized, and can be called a global workplace in every sense of the word. Organizations are finding new and improved ways to innovate, re-invent processes, and allocate resources by using the latest trends in IT technology. 

For small to mid range businesses, this ideal is almost like a fantasy which is where Omnipush IT Solutions comes into the picture! 

Now you can also apply such smart business strategies and work your way through even the toughest economic uncertainty in a smooth and efficient manner. 

Our IT consultants are experienced professionals who work closely with your company and help realize increasingly innovative operating models so that your business can transform as needed to achieve success. The services we offer are: 

Application Portfolio Rationalization

We, at OmniPush IT Solutions, have a systematic approach when it comes to determining the best and ideal option for each IT asset or application through our portfolio rationalization service. The options include; retention, remediation/rewrite, application phase out and outsourcing. This service helps businesses: 

  • Align with their IT departments, so that they can work on more important operations 
  • Attain valuable input from our professional, Microsoft certified consultants to discover ways to improve IT effectively. 

Digital Strategy and Innovation

The experienced professionals we have on board can help determine digital business strategies that are directly concerned with your business objectives, by taking advantage of the latest digital capabilities, so that your business can achieve a competitive advantage over the others. The focus is brought on the following issues: 

  • Working on a digital strategy that generates value, is adaptive and considers new and evolving business models 
  • Finding ways to stay ahead of the competition in terms of ‘ Effective Digital Strategy’ 
  • Finding ways in which the strategy can be applied to the product development process 
  • Looking for new ways to maximize revenues through digital commerce 

IT Organization & Operating Model 

We understand that the IT department of your business must be fully organized so that it can effectively meet the current business objectives; while staying flexible so that it can adapt to incorporate any business requirements in the future. We achieve this purpose by working directly with you and determining operating models that are connected to your business objectives.

Call us today to discuss your current IT setup and learn about new technologies that can improve performance, 1-646-681-4848.

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