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Risk of Email Spam and Why No Business is Safe

  Are you finding it hard to manage your business inbox?  The chances are you are not alone. More than 75% of all…
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Benefits of Spam Filtering for Enterprise Email

If you find your business’ email account riddled with unsolicited emails, you need a spam filter. A spam blocker or filter prevents unwanted…
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Why Businesses Should Take Ransomware Seriously

Ransomware has become a serious concern among businesses worldwide. With more and more attacks occurring each day, costing billions of dollars to the…
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Understanding Ransomware and the Threats It Poses for Businesses

Ransomware is a type of malware that covertly installs itself on your computer, without your express knowledge or consent. It encrypts or takes…
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Protect your Data – and therefore your Business

For all businesses, big and small alike, data is a virtual goldmine. For small businesses in particular, it can prove to be the…
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Antivirus security

5 Reasons You Need Anti-Virus and Malware Protection

Both malware and antivirus are extremely important for security purposes. Most of the time you may not even realize your device has been…
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How to Make Your Business Hacker-Proof

Here are some tips to make your business safe from the prying eyes of hackers. Making your business Hacker-proof Secure Your Business with…
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How Safe Is Your Data?

As an entrepreneur, you have everything stored in your internal system as a means of security. Some of these data contain information valuable…
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3 things you can do today to avoid paying $17,000 to hackers

It was recently announced a hospital in Los Angeles paid ransom to a hacker in the sum of $17,000.00, so they can have…
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Cyber Crime Prevention Tips

Don’t let the online bugs bite. While the Internet is used for socializing, shopping, seeking information, sales, and whatnot, the likelihood of users…
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