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Accounting firms have some of the most demanding work imaginable. IT resources need to be set up so that they provide adequate support for these services and so that businesses never have to second guess the quality of the services that they provide. OmniPush can make sure that accounting businesses are on the cutting edge in terms of technology but also make sure that reliability is never an issue.


Helping Accountants Help Clients

Accounting firms have to be fast, reliable and accurate. OmniPush IT Solutions can make sure your technology is up to this challenge. We can:

  • Help with data backups so that vital financial records are not lost
  • Recover data if there is ever an emergency
  • Secure systems against viruses and other threats
  • Maximize network speed and efficiency
  • Help to develop web applications for clients and in-house use
  • Provide desktop support for users on any system

OmniPush is experienced in every regard and that is what accounting firms need from an outsourced IT provider. You never have to worry about whether we’re informed about the latest security threats and other issues. We always are and make sure your clients have excellent protection and reliability.

New York Finance and accounting IT Support Management includes:

End user technical support/Helpdesk

Onsite Support

Server Maintenance and Management

Onsite/Offsite Data Backup

Email System Management

Spam, Antivirus, Spyware and Malware Protection

24/7 Monitoring of all network systems


Why OmniPush IT Solutions?

Accounting firms use complex software and oftentimes have to rely on multiple systems to provide them with backup that conforms to industry standards. This can be complex and difficult, but OmniPush can make sure your firm meets all requirements. We can make sure your software is up to date; enhance your services by setting up cloud resources and more. We can also make sure that, in the worst case scenarios, you have proper support and expertise that can help you weather any crisis. Call OmniPush to learn more about what we can do for your business now and as you grow in the future.


We provide Managed IT support for a wide range of clients within various fields including:

NYC CPA IT Support
 IT Support for Architects
 IT Support for Construction
 IT Support for Engineers
 IT Support for Food service providers
Health Care IT support
IT Support for Insurance Companies
Investment Managements
Landscaping Companies
Law Firms IT Support
manufacturing Companies
Non-Profits IT Support
IT support for Real Estate Offices
 IT Support for Retail Stores
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