A 24/7 Network Monitoring System That Never Sleeps!
To succeed effectively and achieve an all time high, your business will have to continuously scrutinize its IT budget. We understand that service quality and demands of high availability are the order of the day, but the focus should be on networking and monitoring issues which are equally as important.

To help you in that, Omnipush IT Solutions is ready and willing to monitor all of your critical devices and services so that you can keep your eyes elsewhere, on more pressing tasks.

Offering Monitoring Services 24 Hours in a Day, 7 Days in a Week, and 365 Days in a Year and More!
  • We help diagnose issues before they happen
  • We monitor working status of all devices and line of business applications
  • We help make capacity planning reports, that are an essential part in IT budgeting and purchasing decisions
  • We restart important services automatically after a shutdown

Our Commitment; to Provide Pro-active Reporting and Alerting Mechanisms

We are your number one choice in providing services which dutifully alert, monitor and report on all the network hardware and systems of your business so that you can focus on the money making instead.

Our experienced 24/7 support and service; first scans and then identifies any current or potential problems, before they have a chance of escalating. The last step is alerting the appropriate staff so that the problem can be taken care as soon as possible.

Offering a fixed rate, the IT support and monitor program is a fast, affordable and highly professional based support system because your business deserves the best when it comes to maintenance and protection of your IT network any time an emergency strikes.

Providing Remote Server Monitoring

A variety of monitoring tools are used that allow the server to be constantly monitored while ensuring its performance and availability. The outcome of this advanced monitoring system will be; that every issue is corrected before you are even aware of the situation.

In addition to this, businesses can also take advantage of daily and monthly analysis programs that include:
  • Antivirus and software updates
  • Patching
  • Usage reporting
  • Event log diagnosis
  • Backup integrity checks

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