On-Site IT Support Services

On-Site IT Support refers to support which is provided on the spot, or on the location where it is needed. So if a business has 10 separate locations across New York City, we at OmniPush would provide IT support services at those 10 different locations, in person.

Understanding On-Site IT Support – What exactly it is

On-site IT support as the name suggests refers to a situation where support as required is provided on-site, viz. on the location where it is needed. So if you are situated in the Bronx and need tech support at your office over there, it will be provided to you in that location.

The support per se could be in terms of software installation, maintenance of IT infrastructure, any upgrades which are needed, training staff on particular software, as well as setting up the entire IT network in the office, and so on.

The idea is that as and when required, IT support is provided at the very location where it is sought. That way, business owners need not worry about going around looking for personnel to fix their IT related problems / concerns, nor do they need to run around with their machines in order to get issues resolved.

Who needs On-site IT Support?

A variety of businesses need on-site IT support. Many of them simply do not have the wherewithal going around looking for IT support. They need the support to be provided to them on location.

A classic instance would be offices or businesses with complex IT systems. Imagine a business which is into data security. It simply cannot afford to lug its machines around. Nor does it want just about any entity to come and look at its machines. These are typically an instance (among many) of businesses which prefer on-site IT support to be provided from the likes of us.

Extent of our On-site IT Support – Where we provide it

We provide our On-site IT Support across New York City, irrespective of whether you are located in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Long Island or Staten Island – we will come and provide the required IT support on the spot.

Our Response Time – When we offer On-site IT Support

We are very prompt when it comes to providing On-site IT support; typically we are there to provide the support which is needed within 60 minutes from the time a request is first received. Given our reach across NYC, this is a commitment we are able to fulfill with complete ease.

Why On-site IT Support?

On-site IT support is very important since it allows businesses to focus on that which is most important; their day to day operations, without having to worry about IT infrastructure related problems.

In any case, these are machines which we are referring to and things can (and do!) go wrong with them from time to time. Therefore, the need of the hour is to have such systems in place which can ensure as and when problems arise, or perhaps as a precautionary measure BEFORE problems arise, they are resolved quickly and promptly, with the help of On-site IT support.

How we uniquely provide our On-site IT Support Services
We uniquely provide our On-site IT support services by tailoring them completely to the needs of our esteemed customers. We know that they all have very unique needs when it comes to On-site IT support and therefore we tailor our offerings accordingly.

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